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FW Davison Completed Project

We recently worked with FW Davison on a variety of services to meet their needs. First, they were moving to new offices and needed some planning and layout designs. Next, we helped move existing furniture to the new locations. We then supplemented this with a variety of new and used office furniture. Below, you'll see some of our process of cleaning and painting cubicles (using our spray room). We then prepped the office space and installed the cubicles (using a variety of setup configurations to fit the room). 

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Step One: Cubicle Cleaning

Refurbished Cubicles Refurbished cubicles   
Step Two: Cubicle Painting

Painted cubicles IMG_0143 Cubicle painting spray room 
Step Three: Room prepping
 Room prepared for office furniture  Room prepared for office furniture installation  
Step Four: Cubicle Installation
 Cubicle installation  Cubicle delivery and installation  Used Cubicle installation
Finished Product Room One:
 Cubicle layout  Cubicle against window  Used office workstations
 Used Cubicle  Pre-owned cubicles  Cubicle against window
Finished Product Room Two:
 Room of cubicles  Cubicles being installed  Row of cubicles
Finished Product Training Room:
 Used training room office furniture  Conference and training room furniture  Presentation room office furniture
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FW Davison

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