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Should I buy new or used office furniture?

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 23, 2014 2:30:00 PM / by John Meadows

Purchasing office furniture can be a difficult and expensive decision. Especially when you consider the varying brands and costs of new office furniture. Below, we'll walk you through the top ten reasons to consider used office furniture instead of new. Agree or disagree? We'd love to hear from you by simply commenting on this article. 

1. Save money!

Let's admit it, new office furniture is often one of the highest margin products you can buy and depreciates the most as soon as it's delivered to you and installed. When you buy used office furniture, you can typically save anywhere from 30-90%! 
Save money on used office furniture 

2. Trade up in quality & longevity

Unless you have an influx in cash and no budget to stay within (doesn't sound familiar does it?) than you're often left with looking for less expensive brands. The problem here is that this leads many companies to purchase store brands like staples or otherwise. While the savings on new office furniture is nice, the quality and durability is quite limited. In fact, the total cost of ownership in this scenario usually far outweighs buying used. By purchasing used furniture, you can score the high quality brands that will last a lifetime and the same or lower prices than the "cheap" store brands. 

 high quality used office furniture

3. Help your local economy

Simply, do you want to help pay for the massive furniture companies to fly their private jets and practice unsafe manufacturing. Or, would you prefer to help stimulate your local economy. Buy local and buy used. 

 support local economy

4. Recycle and help the environment

Even though manufacturing practices have improved, many brands (especially the major store brands) have very negative effects on the environment. By selling your office furniture and/or purchasing used office furniture, you're essentially "recycling". It's a green way to fill up your office with great looking furniture.

 recycled office furniture

5. Save time

Waiting for new office furniture to be supplied, customized, delivered, and installed can take months. Typically, used inventory is real and tangible. You can get it when you want it and how you want it in a matter of days not weeks or months. 

 Save time with used office furniture

6. It doesn't actually look or feel used

One of the biggest misconceptions with used furniture is that you must be sacrificing something in order to get such a great deal. And, while in certain cases you might get a great deal on a scratched surface, or worn chair, the reality is the vast majority of used office furniture on the market is actually in like-new condition. It's hard to envision how a bunch of cubicles walls or workstations will look in your space but used furniture can look incredibly modern and attractive!

 attractive used office furniture

7. Did we mention you will save money?

It's simple. You save 30-90%, get high quality and long-lasting furniture that looks new and attractive, help support the environment and local economies, and ultimately do it all under budget. 

 Save money on office furniture

used office furniture inventory


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